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Bi-monthly publication covering legal developments affecting municipalities and local governments.

Budget Bill Eliminates Domestic Partnership Benefits

Also in this issue:
  • Department of Labor Overtime Rule Halted

  • Court Rejects Claim that Right-to-Work Law Is an Unconstitutional Taking

  • Wisconsin Court of Appeals Clarifies Municipal Authority to Issue Raze Orders

  • City of Madison Kicks Off 100% Renewable Energy Resolution Efforts

Wisconsin Supreme Court Expands Fair Dealership Law to Municipalities

Also in this issue:
  • Conditional Use Zoning Law in Flux

  • Limitations on Interior Property Inspections for Property Tax Assessments

  • County’s Courthouse Access Policy Violated First Amendment

  • Supreme Court Decides Wisconsin Regulatory Takings Case

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court Addresses Open Meetings Law And Committees

Archived Issues

Department of Labor FLSA Overtime Rules Update

Also in this issue:

  • Prosecutor Trainings Recordings Not Subject to Disclosure Under Public Records Law 

  • Lawsuit Challenging Annexation of Frac Sand Mine Dismissed 

  • Seventh Circuit Dismisses Challenge to Shoreland Zoning 

  • Voluntary Payment Doctrine Does Not Bar Recovery of Unlawful Special Assessments for a Business Improvement District under Section 66.1109 

Seventh Circuit Sides with Cities on Taxicab Deregulation

Also in this issue:

  • Federal Court Upholds a Provision in Wisconsin’s Right-To-Work Law 

  • Responding to Requests for Records under the Public Records Law 

  • Supreme Court To Hear Case on Whether Internal Management Committee Meetings Are Subject to Open Records Law

  • WERC Announces Revised CPI-U

Department of Labor Issues Final Regulations Regarding FLSA Exemptions

Also in this issue:

  • Wisconsin Attorney General Opines that Legislature Limited WDNR’s Authority to Protect Wisconsin Waters 

  • New Wisconsin Law Provides Bone Marrow and Organ Donor Leave

  • Utility of the Future a Key Focus at Midwest Energy Bar Annual Meeting 

  • Municipality May Levy Special Assessments to Build Roads in Subdivision After Developer Defaults 

PSCW Approves MGE Middleton Solar Project

Also in this issue:

  • New Legislation Expands Issuance of Search Warrants to Noncriminal First Offense OWIs

  • Current Status of EPA’s Clean Power Plan

  • Nonprofit Rescue Squad Entitled to Notice of Wrongful Death Claim

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