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Monthly publication addressing recent legal developments in school law.

School Districts Be Aware: Subsidized COBRA Coverage Now Available to Certain Individuals

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 places several new obligations on group health plan sponsors, which in many situations are employers, with respect to federal COBRA and state health insurance continuation laws. The most important change is that certain individuals are now eligible to enroll in continuation coverage and have their continuation coverage premiums 100% subsidized by the plan sponsor. The plan sponsor is then eligible for tax credits from the federal government to recoup the cost of this subsidy.

Responding to Requests under the Wisconsin Public Records Law

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created many challenges for school districts, including requiring districts to make difficult decisions on whether to have in-person instruction during the pandemic. While making these decisions, district officials have received input from various individuals, including during school board meetings and through written communications. Most districts have also created records related to their protocols and plans on addressing any potential exposure of COVID-19 within the schools. Many districts have now been receiving requests from different individuals and groups for information or records under the Wisconsin Public Records Law related to decisions made in light of COVID-19. This article will highlight aspects of the law for districts to consider when responding to these (or other) requests for records or information.

Schools Soon Eligible For Tax Credits For Voluntary COVID-19 Paid Leave

On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) into law. This law funds a variety of programs. One such program provides tax credits to employers that voluntarily provide certain types of paid leave to employees. The big change for school districts is that beginning April 1, 2021, for the first time, districts will be eligible for tax credits to cover some of the costs of this leave.

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