Litigation for Individuals

Individuals sometimes need lawyers to fight their battles in court. Our litigators are up to the task. In matters ranging from family law to personal injury claims, we have attorneys with the knowledge, experience and common sense to represent our clients’ interests successfully. Whatever the legal issue, we work hard to keep the client informed, involved and engaged in achieving the litigation goals we agree on together.

  • Family Law

    Including child placement, adoption, distribution of marital assets, maintenance, separation, divorce, and collaborative divorce proceedings

  • Trusts & Estates Litgation

    Including litigation of will and trust contests, guardianship, trust and estate administration disputes, IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue disputes

  • Guardianship

    Including proceedings to appoint a guardian, conservator, or guardian ad litem for a person in need of one

  • Tax Litigation

    Including litigation of income tax and estate tax disputes

  • Real Estate Litigation

    Including litigation of landlord/tenant, adverse possession, title claims, and other property-related disputes

  • Intellectual Property Litigation

    Including patent, trademark, and copyright enforcement and defense

  • Contract Disputes

    Including disputes related to employment contracts, license agreements, and service contracts

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Including mediation and arbitration to resolve disputes without trial

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