Emerging Companies

We are a full-service business law firm. Our attorneys assist start-up and early stage companies with strategic planning and the long and short-term legal needs that founders face. We have the depth and breadth to help you with the issues facing your company at the beginning, and also to fully support you as your company matures — from formation, through the many stages of growth and expansion, and finally, in many cases, in connection with a sale or merger.


  • Entity Formation and Selection

    LLC, S corp, C corp, close corporation, or partnership/LLP

  • Corporate Policies and Procedures

    Board resolutions, corporate minutes, proxy materials and annual reports, committee charters, compensation and nomination policies

  • Contract Negotiation and Preparation

    Agreements relating to joint venture and strategic alliance, leases, licensing, technology service, customers, vendors, founders, and confidentiality

  • Merger, Acquisition and Sale Services

    Due diligence assistance, merger agreements, stock purchase agreements, asset sale agreements

Intellectual Property

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  • Development, Protection, and Acquisition of Intellectual Property

    Patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, trade dress, designs, right of publicity, domains, and other intellectual property rights

  • Managing Intellectual Property Rights

    Including assignment, transfer, and licensing

  • Portfolio Development and Monetization

    Strategic development and monetization of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret portfolios

  • Litigation Before the USPTO

    Litigation involving intellectual property before the USPTO (PTAB and TTAB), International Trade Commission, State and Federal courts


  • Offerings for Seed Capital

    Structuring offerings for seed capital and later funding rounds

  • Preparation of Offering Materials for Private Placement, Intrastate, and Other Securities Offerings

    Common stock, preferred stock, LLC units, debt securities

  • Subscription Agreements

    Including investor questionnaires

  • Shareholder Agreements

    Preparing shareholder agreements and documents

  • Investment Agreements with Angel, VC, and Institutional Investors

    Including term sheets, convertible notes, stock securities purchase agreements, investor rights agreements, voting agreements, right of first refusal and co-sale agreements, management rights letters, and indemnification agreements

  • State and Federal Securities Filings

    Preparation and filing of state and federal securities documents


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  • Employment Agreements

    Preparation of employment agreements and other related documents, including non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements

  • Incentive Plans

    Stock options, restricted stock, stock appreciation rights, and equivalent agreements for LLCs

  • ESOPs

  • Change in Control Agreements

  • Employment Policies and Handbooks

    Preparation of employment policies and handbooks

  • Employee Relations

    Employee discipline, termination, and separation