Joint Action Agencies

Boardman Clark provides a wide-range of services to municipal joint action agencies, from the development of formation agreements under state law, to advice on governance, lobbying, and regulatory issues. Indeed, Boardman Clark attorneys helped craft the enabling legislation that was used to form Wisconsin’s largest municipal electric company (WPPI Energy) and joint water authority (Central Brown County Water Authority). Today, Boardman Clark attorneys serve as general counsel to joint action agencies not only in Wisconsin, but throughout the upper midwest.

Types of Agencies

  • Joint Electric Agencies

    Municipal electric joint action agencies organized under state law.

  • Joint Water Authorities

    Entities formed by local government members to jointly act to facilitate the provision of water.


  • Environmental

    Including soil and groundwater contamination, brownfields, regulatory compliance, contracting, and permitting

  • Governance

    Including policy development; open records and open meetings law guidance; and conflicts of interest

  • Governmental Agreements

    Development of boundary agreements, member service agreements, intergovernmental cooperation agreements under state law, and interstate compacts

  • Labor and Employment

    Including all phases and aspects of hiring, training, managing, terminating and litigating with respect to public sector employees

  • Litigation

    Representation in front of state and federal regulatory bodies, as well as contract disputes

  • Project Development and Asset Transfer Agreements

    Negotiation of long-term and short-term power supply agreements (including EEI and NAEMA tariff agreements), wholesale water supply agreements, renewable energy project agreements, and asset purchase and sale agreements

  • Public Construction

    Including public bidding, bonding, construction agreements, engineer and architect agreements, permitting, and compliance with federal grant regulations

  • Utility Regulation

    Representation of agencies before state and federal regulatory bodies

  • Real Estate and Land Use

    Offers to purchase and sell, options, land contracts, tax and finance, due diligence reviews, land use and development, zoning changes and variances, and declarations and easements

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