Elder Law

As our population ages, clients increasingly need legal counsel with experience representing clients who suffer from diminished capacity as well as clients who rely on government entitlement programs.  Our lawyers have experience protecting our senior clients, through the use of trusts, powers of attorney and other mechanisms.  

Estate Planning

Our lawyers advise clients about the transfer of wealth during life and on death, including estate planning for families, as well as effective business succession planning for business owners.  Our planning includes strategies to minimize taxes and protect clients who suffer from diminished capacity.


Individuals sometimes need lawyers to fight their battles in court. Our litigators are up to the task. In matters ranging from family law to personal injury claims, we have attorneys with the knowledge, experience and common sense to represent our clients’ interests successfully. Whatever the legal issue, we work hard to keep the client informed, involved and engaged in achieving the litigation goals we agree on together.

Family Law

Compassionate, competent, calm-headed. Boardman Clark attorneys have the experience to help you through the joys of an adoption, the difficulties of a divorce, or the negotiation of a prenuptial agreement. We offer a range of process options that suit your needs, including Collaborative divorce, limited scope representation, mediation, and family litigation. Our team approach lets you rest easy, knowing you are in good hands at all times.

Our attorneys are based in Madison and have a breadth of experience when it comes to protecting and enforcing the intellectual property rights of our clients. We work closely with our clients to identify their intellectual assets and to ensure that these assets are protected under the law.  We also maintain an excellent network of associations in foreign countries which assists us in protecting these assets around the world.

Probate & Trust Administration

Trust and estate administration requires involvement in several areas of substantive law, including federal and state income and estate tax laws, as well as state property law.  Our lawyers understand these areas, and we have worked with many personal representatives, trustees and families to ensure the efficient and orderly transfer of substantial wealth through trusts and estates.

Real Estate

Our attorneys represent clients in all aspects of the commercial real estate process, including buyers and sellers, landlord and tenants, developers and municipalities, title insurance companies, and real estate brokers. We represent companies and individuals whose sole focus is real estate, as well as those for whom real estate assets represent only a small part of their business or investment strategy.


Our lawyers advise clients about federal, state, and local tax issues.  We help clients achieve their financial planning objectives through tax planning, and we represent clients involved in tax litigation.

Our Thinking