Commissions & Boards

We provide representation to public sector Boards and Commissions established pursuant to state statute or governmental ordinances or agreements. The scope of our services to these bodies mirrors those we provide to their governing bodies, but also extends to the unique legal and operational aspects for which these Boards and Commissions are created.

  • Police and Fire Commission

    We develop by-laws and governing documents; help recruit and hire Chiefs and subordinates; assist in exercising optional powers; negotiate and administer collective bargaining agreements; and advise and litigate disciplinary matters under statutory just cause provisions and procedures.

  • Library Boards

    Advise Library Boards regarding their statutory duty to hire librarians and oversee library personnel issues, as well as regarding their budgetary responsibility, including interaction with the state and county founding sources.

  • Utility Commissions

    Advise Commissions as to their powers, duties, and ethical obligations.

  • Rail Transit Commissions

    Advise intergovernmental organizations that own, manage, and maintain freight rail infrastructure as to their powers, duties, and ethical obligations

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