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Municipal Law

For over 50 years, our attorneys have worked with municipal clients throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest region. We assist our clients in a full range of legal services affecting municipal entities.

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  • Cities, Villages, Towns & Counties

    We work with cities, villages, towns and counties throughout Wisconsin. We assist clients with a full range of legal services from straightforward ordinance drafting to complex project negotiation.

  • Commissions & Boards

    We advise Commissions and Boards on the unique legal and operational aspects for which these Boards and Commissions are created.

  • Joint Action Agencies

    We provide a wide-range of services to municipal joint action agencies, from the development of formation agreements under state law, to advice on governance, lobbying and regulatory issues.

  • Municipal Utilities

    Our attorneys work with municipal utilities on all aspects of their operation, from asset transfers and whole contract negotiations, to proceedings before state and federal regulatory agencies.

School Law

Our school law practice includes counseling school districts, colleges, and Cooperative Education Service Agencies (CESAs) throughout Wisconsin.  The firm has served as legal counsel to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, Inc. (WASB) for over fifty-five years and has represented many public school districts, CESAs, charter schools, and technical colleges as designed general counsel on a continuing basis or on specific matters.

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  • Pre-4K-12 Schools

    We serve common, union high school, and unified public school districts of all sizes. Our attorneys represent some of the largest and some of the smallest school districts throughout Wisconsin. We work with both school boards and administrators to provide a comprehensive array of legal services.

  • Higher Education

    We serve Wisconsin Technical Colleges System colleges as well as private higher education institutions. Our attorneys have knowledge and experience regarding the unique legal challenges faced by schools of higher education.

  • CESAs

    We provide a full array of legal services to Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CSAs) throughout Wisconsin. Our attorneys work with Boards of Control, agency administrators, and other CESA personnel to address the whole gamut of legal issues applicable to CSAs.

  • Charter Schools

    We serve charter school governing boards for charter schools sponsored by Wisconsin school boards and independent charter schools. Our attorneys provide services beginning with the petition for a charter school, through the operation of the charter school, and until the revocation or nonrenewal of the charter.

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