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May/June 2024 Issue

Articles in this issue

Lindke v. Freed: When Does an Official’s Use of Social Media Become State Action?

Liz Leonard
The United States Supreme Court recently released a unanimous opinion in Lindke v. Freed, No. 22-611, (U.S. Mar. 15, 2024) clarifying the standard governing whether…

DOL Issues Final Overtime Rule

Jennifer S. Mirus, Brian P. Goodman, Douglas E. Witte
On April 23, 2024, the U.S. Department of Labor issued a final rule which impacts who is eligible for overtime pay.

Court of Appeals Clarifies Scope of Arrest Record Protections

Storm B. Larson
Arrest and conviction record discrimination law is a complex area for public and private employers to navigate, and it is one that can lead to…

Broader Array of Conduct Now Qualifies as Employment Discrimination

Storm B. Larson
Municipal employers should take note of a decision released by the U.S. Supreme Court that will make it easier for employees to prove claims of…

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