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July/August 2023 Issue

Articles in this issue

US Supreme Court Finds Minnesota County’s Failure to Return Excess Equity to Landowner Unconstitutional — What Does it Mean for Wisconsin?

Maximilian J. Buckner
In Tyler v. Hennepin County, Minnesota, et al., 598 U.S. ___ (2023), a 94-year-old woman lost her home in a tax foreclosure to Hennepin County,…

Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS Maintenance of Effort Requirements for Shared Revenue Funding

Eric B. Hagen
Starting with 2024, municipalities will need to certify to the Department of Revenue (DOR) that law enforcement and fire/EMS efforts have not decreased from the…

Trustee’s Vote to Rezone Family Member’s Property not a Violation of Due Process

Julia Potter
In a recent unanimous decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court held that there is no due process right to an impartial decision-maker when a legislative body…

Legislature Preempts Local Passage Requirements for Zoning Amendments

Jared Walker Smith
On June 23 of this year Governor Evers signed 2023 Wisconsin Act 16 which principally provides a new procedure for certiorari review of local land…

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