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March/April 2021 Issue

Articles in this issue

Local Governments Need to Plan for COVID Relief Funds Under the American Rescue Plan Act

Anita T. Gallucci
The American Rescue Plan Act, P.L. 117-2, (ARPA or Act) includes $130 billion dollars to be distributed to counties, cities, villages, and towns for economic…

Court of Appeals Upholds Rezoning as Consistent With Comprehensive Plan

Julia Potter
A recent case from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, Lakeland Area Property Owners Association, U.A. v. Oneida County, 2020AP858, sheds some light on the consistency…

Wisconsin Supreme Court Affirms Subdivision Authority as Separate and Distinct From Zoning Authority, Even Within Areas Subject to Shoreland Zoning

Jared Walker Smith
In State ex rel. Anderson v. Town of Newbold, 2021 WI 6, the Wisconsin Supreme Court once again waded into the murky waters of distinguishing…

Is the United States Supreme Court Signaling a Change in Its Treatment of Qualified Immunity?

Trent Taylor was a Texas prisoner who entered a psychiatric unit for medical attention following a suicide attempt. Instead of providing treatment, prison officials stripped…

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