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January/February 2022 Issue

Articles in this issue

Final ARPA Rule May Facilitate Infrastructure Projects to Provide Government Services

Anita T. Gallucci, Julia Potter
In early January, the US Treasury Department released its final rule pertaining to the American Rescue Plan Act (“ARPA”), adopting Treasury’s interim final rule published…

Court Upholds Milwaukee's Decision to Terminate Licenses for Gas Station Found to Be a Nuisance

The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) and the neighbors near the Citgo gas station on North 35th Street were getting fed up. An extensive MPD report…

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Municipalities Not Entitled to Certiorari Review of Tax Assessments

Storm B. Larson
A recent decision from the Wisconsin Supreme Court restricts a municipality's ability to challenge tax determinations rendered by a local board of review. In State…

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