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Payroll Deferral Considerations For School Districts

In light of President Trump’s Executive Order allowing certain payroll tax deferrals and the recent IRS guidance on that issue, a number of employers, including school districts, have been getting questions from their employees about whether they can or should defer their taxes and some districts have been getting information from third party payroll advisors instructing them how to accomplish this deferral. However, due to a significant number of questions which remain to be answered, and potential risk for employers who allow deferral, we are suggesting districts may wish to take a close look at the issues before they allow their employees to defer any tax obligation. The deferral program is voluntary for employers to participate.

One of our Tax and Business partners has written a blog on this topic which we think you might find helpful. It can be found here. If you still have questions, feel free to contact a member of the School Law Group. 

DISCLAIMER: Boardman & Clark LLP provides this material as information about legal issues and not to give legal advice. In addition, this material may quickly become outdated. Anyone referencing this material must update the information presented to ensure accuracy. The use of the materials does not establish an attorney-client relationship, and Boardman & Clark LLP recommends the use of legal counsel on specific matters.

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