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July/August 2022 Issue

Articles in this issue

Wisconsin High Court Rules Election Drop Boxes Are Illegal; Absentee Ballots May Only Be Mailed or Hand-Delivered by the Voter

In a fractious 141-page ruling, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has found that unstaffed drop boxes may not be used to collect absentee ballots and that…

Recent Developments Regarding the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause

Brian P. Goodman
Several recent U.S. Supreme Court cases have illustrated that municipalities should exercise greater caution before prohibiting religious activities out of fear that the municipalities will…

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Affirms Town Board’s Right to Reconsider Nonconforming Use Recognition and Request Zoning Administrator Decision

Storm B. Larson
A recent decision from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals discusses whether a Town Board can properly withdraw an initial vote to recognize a non-conforming use…

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