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May/June 2022 Issue

Articles in this issue

Supreme Court Upholds Municipal Sign Ordinance

In a significant victory for municipalities, the United State Supreme Court upheld the traditional municipal distinction between regulation of on-premises and off-premises advertising signs. The…

Court of Appeals Examines Limits on Municipal Exactions

Jared Walker Smith
Last month in Fassett v. City of Brookfield, 2021AP269, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals affirmed as an unconstitutional taking the City of Brookfield’s requirement that…

Determining WRS Reportable Earnings with Employee Separations and Settlements

Brian P. Goodman
Sometimes, a municipality provides something of value to an employee in exchange for an employee’s separation from employment and the employee signing a waiver of…

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Board of Review Properly Classified Nudo Holdings, LLC Property

Storm B. Larson
In a newsletter we issued early last year, we discussed State ex rel. Nudo Holdings, LLC v. Board of Review for Kenosha, 2020 WI App…

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