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March/April 2023 Issue

Articles in this issue

Wisconsin Supreme Court Addresses Dark Store Evidence & Presumption of Correctness in Tax Assessment Claims

Storm B. Larson
This decision marks a positive development for municipalities because it confirms that municipalities’ assessments are presumed correct, and taxpayers ultimately bear the burden to challenge…

Public Service Commission Rules on Third Party Decisions

Richard Heinemann
The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (“PSCW”) has ruled on two closely watched proceedings pertaining to the following question: can third-party developers own or lease…

Public Service Commission Distributes $10 Million in Energy Innovation Grants

Richard Heinemann
The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (“PSCW”) has made award determinations for the 2022 Energy Innovation Grant Program, funding 32 grant recipients for a total…

Wisconsin Public Records Law: Risk Of Attorney’s Fees Remains, Despite Voluntary Release

Maximilian J. Buckner, Eric B. Hagen
As those familiar with public records requests may know, Wisconsin’s Public Records Law allows a requester to sue for the release of records when requested…

Denial of Permit Reversed on Certiorari Review as Being Based on an Incorrect Theory of Law

Lawrie J. Kobza
A sanitary district sought to lay a gravel path so that it could bring in heavy equipment to repair its sewer pipes in the area.…

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