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July/August 2021 Issue

Articles in this issue

Wisconsin Supreme Court Holds DNR’s Broad Statutes Provide “Explicit” Authority to Take Challenged Actions; Dissent Decries “Calamitous Decision”

Lawrie J. Kobza
On July 8, 2021, the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued two decisions important to administrative agency authority. Both cases were decided by a 4-2 decision with…

Supreme Court Signals that Government Agencies Should Be Very Wary of Denying Exceptions to Regulatory, Licensing and Contracting Requirements that Burden the Free Exercise of Religion

Richard L. Bolton
The United States Supreme Court has made clear in two recent decisions that government agencies that regulate, license, or contract may not readily deny exceptions…

PSC Dismisses Complaint Challenging Extraterritorial Sewer Service “License Fee”

Lawrie J. Kobza
The City of Oconomowoc (City) provides wastewater treatment service to three extraterritorial customers -- Mary Lane Area Sanitary District, the Village of Lac La Belle,…

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