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Focus Area: Coronavirus/COVID-19

Latest Restaurant and Business Coronavirus Updates

3/18/20, 10:24 a.m. : TTB Allowing Distilled Spirits Permittees to Produce Hand Sanitizer to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic

3/17/20, 2:06 p.m. : Wisconsin’s Governor Closes Restaurant Dining Rooms March 17

3/17/20, 11:25 a.m. : White House Advises Avoiding Bars, Restaurants, and Groups of More than 10

3/16/20, 4:22 p.m. : Wisconsin Statewide Order Affecting Restaurants and Others Effective March 172020

3/16/20, 9:36 a.m. : Public Health Order Affecting Dane County Restaurants And Others Effective March 162020

3/12/20, 11:45 a.m. : IRS Allows High Deductible Health Plans to Pay for COVID-19 Costs Without Deductible

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