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November/December 2022 Issue

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A Municipal Law Tour de Force

I had the good fortune of working with Mike for small Wisconsin community- owned electric utilities during the tumultuous and unpredictable period when radical deregulation of the WI electric industry was on the table in the mid to late 1990s. Mike’s advice was always spot on, based on sound legal reasoning and with a good dose of reality thrown in. His ability to add a bit of humor into the mix, even while discussing what would otherwise be dry subjects such as a 200-page FERC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on some mundane electricity topic, was second to none. Mike was also a high master at teaching and explaining Robert’s Rules of Order to municipal leaders; he truly enjoyed demystifying Robert’s Rules. His work in that area will be relied on for decades (I still keep his Robert’s Rules crib sheet handy when chairing Shorewood Hills Village Board meetings).

David J. Benforado

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