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We Can All Just Get Along…Sausage!

A sausage and a football field may have two ends, but this backyard brawl appears to have only one. After devoting much of its efforts to cooking up 120 yard bratwurst at Lambeau Field over the weekend, Johnsonville Sausage had little left over” to expend on a trademark lawsuit brought last month by Klement Sausage Company over the mark Backyard Bratwurst.”

Instead, Johnsonville has decided to punt, and promised to phase out its use of Backyard Grilled Brat.” In fact, Johnsonville represented in a Court filing Monday that it began the phase out months ago after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Klement in May, and that the phase out is nearly complete.

While litigation can often bring out the wurst in people, that does not appear to be true in this case.

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