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Tom Petty Simply “Won’t Back Down”

… at least from copyright infringement. It’s a lesson Sam Smith learned the hard way after releasing his hit song Stay With Me.” Claiming any similarities between his song and Petty’s I Won’t Back Down” are a coincidence, but recognizing there ain’t no easy way out,” Sam recently agreed to give Tom Petty (and Jeff Lynne of ELO fame) songwriting credit and a reported 12.5% royalty for the hit song, which has reportedly sold nearly 4 million copies since its April 2014 release. While Stay with Me” has been nominated for song of the year at the 2015 Grammys, it is being reported that Petty will not be eligible for the Grammy because he did not add anything new to the song. In the end, however, Petty’s lyrics ring true: in a world that keeps on pushin’ him around, he’s going to stand his ground, and he won’t back down. 

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