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Focus Area: Coronavirus/COVID-19

New USPTO IP Marketplace for COVID-19 Technologies

Yesterday, May 4, 2020, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) took a surprising leap into commercialization of patented and patent pending technologies, unveiling a web-based marketplace platform for intellectual property (IP). The marketplace, called Patents 4 Partnerships, provides a searchable repository of patents and published applications related to the COVID-19 pandemic that are indicated as available for licensing. These patents and applications include new products and technologies for the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of COVID-19

The listing is a voluntary listing of patents and published patent applications indicated as available for licensing” on external public websites or in the USPTO Official Gazette Notices. Users can also submit information about additional patents and/​or published patent applications to list on the platform.

According to the USPTO, the new platform will facilitate the voluntary licensing and commercialization of innovations in a variety of key technologies, and help disseminate valuable patent information.” The platform serves as a connection point between patent owners and the individuals and businesses who can turn the disclosed technologies into solutions.

While the platform was established for COVID-19, it may be expanded in the future to include other technologies.

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