Officer and Director Liability and Responsibilities

Our attorneys work with organization officers and boards to ensure they abide by their fiduciary duties in their day-to-day operations. When organizations are looking to make big decisions, we are there to provide guidance and to ensure those decisions are well informed. In addition, we provide counseling and training in a number of areas and assist in drafting company policies and resolutions. Our job is to make certain our clients are operating in line with the duties they are entrusted with. Specifically, we help with:

Board Operations

  • Complying with duties of loyalty

  • Proper disclosures

Drafting Polices

  • Conflicts of interest

Counseling and Training

  • How to properly evaluate board processes

  • How to properly respond to agency regulations

Agency Investigations

  • Guidance during investigations

  • Litigation

Breach of Duty Insurance Claims

  • Counseling

  • Litigation

Shareholder Actions for Breach of Duty

  • Direct suits in the name of the shareholder

  • Derivative suits by a shareholder on behalf of the organization