Recorded Webinar Series: FMLA from A to Z

FMLA administration remains one of the most important and complex legal challenges facing employers today. Correctly applying the nuanced laws and avoiding legal issues can prove difficult even for the most experienced HR professionals. In this series, we will help re-establish FMLA basics and address recurring FMLA scenarios that pose problems for employers. Whether you are new to administering FMLA or a seasoned "pro," this series will increase your understanding of the law and give you practical advice to improve your FMLA thought process and administration.

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The Presentations

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FMLA 101

Presented by Jennifer Mirus & Brian Goodman

The state and federal FMLA laws are technical, tricky, and testy. This session will review the major components of the Wisconsin and federal FMLA laws and help you understand how the two laws intersect. You will learn:

  • What qualifies for FMLA leave
  • How the state and federal leaves “stack”
  • Common mistakes made in administering the laws

Nuts & Bolts of Notices & Certification

Presented by Brian Goodman

FMLA notices and certifications are a key aspect of FMLA administration as they are the primary method of documenting and verifying the leave. This session will walk attendees through the key aspects of FMLA policies, the various state and federal FMLA forms, and common errors in documentation. In particular, this session will cover:

  • Required components of an FMLA policy
  • Understanding the timing and purpose of each form and certification, including requesting, approving, denying, and seeking additional information regarding FMLA leave
  • Best practices and requirements for sending out follow-up notices, asking for clarification on certifications, and requesting recertification

Handling Intermittent Leave

Presented by Doug Witte

One of the more frustrating aspects of administering FMLA is dealing with intermittent leave. Many employers feel handcuffed when it comes to dealing with such requests because it can be complicated and hard to track. Other employers believe employees have a tendency to abuse such leave. We will review how and when intermittent leave can be taken and provide you with pointers on responding to such requests, including how to increase accountability around taking intermittent leave (or reigning it in) by using the recertification process to get more definitive information. In this session we will cover:

  • What types of leave qualify for intermittent leave under State and federal law
  • Intermittent leave for child birth or adoption
  • Special rules for Instructional Employees


Presented by Steve Zach

The FMLA, ADA, and WC create a complicated web of rules and regulations involving employee leaves. This presentation will unravel that thread and provide you with guidance on how to handle employees who are eligible for leave under two or more of these laws. In this session we will:

  • Review the leave provisions under the FMLA, ADA, and WC
  • Explore the inter-relationship of these laws, particularly where they intersect and conflict
  • Provide examples of common problematic situations involving the inter-relationship of these three laws

Advanced Administration Issues

Presented by Jennifer Mirus

The FMLA laws present many traps for the unwary. This session will address several of the more challenging issues posed by the FMLA laws and will give you the foundation to spot issues before stepping into legal hot water. You will learn:

  • Issues that arise when an employee takes leave for multiple reasons
  • Complications in calculating an employee’s annual FMLA entitlement
  • Why FMLA "fraud" is rarely a slam dunk
  • FMLA and flexible schedules