Public and Private Financing

Our attorneys are experienced and able to assist with all types of public and private financing at any stage of the business life cycle. Our attorneys have the knowledge to negotiate with government officials, commercial lenders, angel investors, and institutional fund investors.

Public Financing

We help clients understand how to apply for and obtain government grants, incentives, and payback programs. Our attorneys assist clients in receiving funds at the municipal, state, and federal level. We can help you determine if TIF funding, WDC grants and tax incentives for job creation, PACE funding for energy efficiency, or low income housing tax credit programs are right for you.

Private Financing

Our attorneys assist clients in negotiating commercial loans. We can help with all different kinds of debt and equity securities at any stage of the business life cycle. We can negotiate term sheets, as well as shareholder and co-sale agreements on the investor side. We have relationships with incubators and can assist with equity crowdfunding campaigns. Our attorneys can assist with seed rounds, including Friends and Family funding, early round series A and B funding, and later stage Series B and C funding. Our attorneys are experienced in structuring and assisting with private placement securities offerings. We can further assist with debt and equity securities, including convertible notes.

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