Boardman Clarks Starts Composting

33% of household waste can be diverted from landfills through composting, and, with a firm of over 80 employees, our Sustainability Committee wondered if we could make an impact by composting in our office.

Using the local company Earth Stew Composting Services, members of our firm started to compost by throwing food waste in bins separate from other waste in traditional trash cans. In the first month of composting, 38 pounds of waste--consisting of coffee grounds and filters, apple cores, orange peels, tea bags, and other organic materials--was diverted from landfills.

Earth Stew transforms these scraps into a rich soil amendment that helps to improve the health of the soil, increase water retention, and reduce or replace chemical fertilizers. The process also helps to support local agriculture and job creation, and, with Earth Stew, supports the Central Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled.

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