• HR Issues with Remote Work

    HR Issues with Remote Work

    Remote work is becoming a familiar aspect of managing the modern workplace. With its increasing prevalence, it is as important as ever that employers understand the legal challenges posed by employing remote workers. Whether your employees are logging on from down the road, different states, or different continents, properly addressing the legal and practical considerations of remote work can keep it beneficial for your workplace and help prevent unwanted surprises.

    In these webinars, we will walk attendees through common pitfalls we are seeing with remote work and illustrate how to avoid potential issues before they become costly problems.

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Changes to Public School Records Retention Schedules

School Law FYI | 05.24.23

School districts across the State recently received information from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) regarding records retention which attempted to outline some changes and actions districts may need to consider. This FYI will attempt to explain what has happened and what steps districts should consider taking.