Diane Gustin had a vision, to start a company which would provide training and employment to adults with disabilities.  What was the inspiration for Diane’s vision?  That would be her son Drew, who has Down syndrome.

Diane knew that adults with disabilities were capable, appreciative, and enthusiastic employees who had a desire to work.  Unfortunately, there were more potential employees than opportunities for employment.  Heart @ Work Unlimited, LLC was born.

Heart @ Work employs adults with disabilities to produce gourmet popcorn that is sold through retail locations, as corporate gifts, and for fundraisers.  In addition, Heart @ Work provides vocational and education training for its employees.

When Diane needed legal assistance, she chose Boardman Clark.

To learn more about the mission or products of Heart @ Work, please visit the Heart @ Work website at www.heartatworkunlimited.com.

Jason Hunt and Chris Hussin not only watch over my company’s legal needs by protecting the intellectual property, but their knowledge and support give a fresh perspective to my business which helps with a number of the never ending decisions associated with being a business owner.  They understand the direction I want to take my business and their sincere support and enthusiasm toward my success is energizing.

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School Districts Be Aware: Subsidized COBRA Coverage Now Available to Certain Individuals

School Law FYI | 04.12.21

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 places several new obligations on group health plan sponsors, which in many situations are employers, with respect to federal COBRA and state health insurance continuation laws. The most important change is that certain individuals are now eligible to enroll in continuation coverage and have their continuation coverage premiums 100% subsidized by the plan sponsor. The plan sponsor is then eligible for tax credits from the federal government to recoup the cost of this subsidy.