Boardman Clark Joins the Latino Academy of Workforce Development

Boardman Clark is proud to announce our partnership with the Latino Academy of Workforce Development. We are excited about this relationship and what the future may hold. The press release released by the Latino Academy can be found below.


The campaign that connects many adults with secure, meaningful, and family-sustaining careers.

Madison, WI – March 26, 2021 – The Latino Academy is happy to announce that Boardman Clark has made a $5,000 contribution to its Transportation is Essential campaign. This contribution will provide training, job placement and job retention for 2 Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) participants in 2021.

“We sincerely appreciate Boardman Clark’s generous contribution to our Transportation is Essential campaign,” said Baltazar de Anda Santana, Executive Director of the Latino Academy of Workforce Development. “We are excited to add Boardman Clark to the list of amazing supporters who have committed to investing in the Latino Academy’s future success, which includes founders, UW Health, North Central Utility of Wisconsin, Summit Credit Union, and the Journey of Collaboration.”

For Boardman Clark, the decision to contribute both financially and in-kind to the Latino Academy was a simple one. “We were really impressed by the resources and opportunities the Latino Academy provides to its students, and the incredible impact those resources and opportunities have upon their lives and careers,” said Alison Helland, a Partner at Boardman Clark. “It was important to us to do what we could to make these resources and opportunities available to a greater number of people in our community, and to assist the Latino Academy in meeting its volunteer and programming needs.”

In 2021, the Latino Academy’s goal is to support 50 students through its Transportation Academy. Since the Latino Academy invests approximately $3,000 per participant from program enrollment to job placement and job retention, it has launched the Transportation is Essential campaign with a goal of raising $150,000. While the Latino Academy has made significant progress towards this goal, it still needs to raise an additional $100,000 by the end of 2021.

Your contribution to the Transportation is Essential campaign provides the Latino Academy with funds to connect adults in our community with secure, meaningful, and family-sustaining careers. As our former CDL student, Míriam Morales, said "Getting my CDL was amazing! There are no boundaries for a woman such as myself! I was proud to go beyond even my own expectations." To find out more about contributing to the Transportation is Essential campaign, please visit

ABOUT THE LATINO ACADEMY OF WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Founded in 2011, the Latino Academy of Workforce Development makes our community strong by providing bilingual, culturally competent adult education programming. Our driving purpose is workforce development. Over the last decade, we have grown to be a regional leader in supporting unemployed/underemployed Latinos and non-Latinos through the process of career education and training, job placement, and job retention. For more information visit:

ABOUT BOARDMAN CLARK: Boardman Clark is one of Wisconsin’s oldest law firms with an established reputation of excellence. We serve individuals, businesses, and public sector clients. We are committed to the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive for a world where all are welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, physical abilities, religious beliefs, economic status or political beliefs. At Boardman Clark, we know that the best advocacy starts with an uncompromising ethical backbone, and that your trust is not given lightly and must be earned every day. While we have strong Madison roots, our practice has broader regional, national, and global reach.

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