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The United States Copyright Office has announced fee increases for various filings, including registration of claims and recordation of documents. Read More »
On April 8, 2014, Governor Walker signed into law the Wisconsin Social Media Protection Act, which will place restrictions on certain employer social media activities such as screening and monitoring. Read More »
Lead Story: Certiorari, Not De novo, Review Applies to Liquor License Renewals Read More »

Boardman & Clark LLP is one of Madison’s largest law firms with offices in six southwest Wisconsin locations.  We serve individuals, a wide range of business and corporate clients, school districts and local governments.  While we have strong Madison roots, our practice has broader regional, national and global reach.

We understand that clients wish to minimize their involvement with the legal system. Because of this, we work in partnership with our clients to avoid legal obstacles, and to handle legal problems in an efficient, professional manner when they do occur.