Boardman & Clark attorneys provide legal services to individuals, a wide range of business and corporate clients, school districts and local governments.  While we have strong Madison roots, our practice has broader regional, national and global reach.  Our areas of service include:


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Wisconsin partnerships, including limited liability partnerships, could be governed by new statutory rules after January 1, 2018, thanks to the passing of 2015 Wisconsin Act 295 (the “Act”). Read More »
California and New York pass $15 per hour minimum wage. These minimums do not go into effect immediately. Read More »
A recent case from the Second Circuit involving individual liability for supervisors under the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) reinforces the importance of thorough FMLA training for all supervisors. Read More »
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This Act allows companies to file civil lawsuits for trade secrets theft under the federal Economic Espionage Act. Read More »
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