Boardman & Clark attorneys provide legal services to individuals, a wide range of business and corporate clients, school districts and local governments.  While we have strong Madison roots, our practice has broader regional, national and global reach.  Our areas of service include:


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Recent Updates have warned about the growing issue of allowing leased workers to sue the lessor as a “joint employer” under the various employment laws, even though the workers are paid and employed by a placement agency. Read More »
The WERC’s website now includes the most recent CPI calculation. This confirms the .12% increase we published earlier in the week. Read More »
Boardman & Clark welcomes Eileen Brownlee to the firm, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the CPI for December 2015, and a reminder for districts on Education Options Notices. Read More »
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A 41-page cease-and-desist letter aimed at a Metallica tribute band ended with Metallica taking decisive action--but probably not the action many would expect. Read More »
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