No New Normal in the HR World

Sep 23, 2022 –
8:30 AM to 12:00 PM

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After two-and-a-half years of chaos, there is a collective eagerness for the stability and predictability that might come with settling into a "new normal." The reality is, however, that the employment landscape continues to shift rapidly and new surprises continue to present challenges for employers. Once again, we are learning there is never a good time to get comfortable in the world of HR.

This webinar will cover critical new employment law developments as well as trending issues in areas such as immigration, drugs in the workplace, harassment, and social media. You won't want to miss this essential legal update.


Employment Law Issues in the Post-Pandemic World

Jennifer Mirus

As we emerge out of the pandemic, we see several themes that directly affect our workforces and which can create legal risk if we're not careful. Many employees are demanding that employers bend more to their individual wants, and employers may need to get beyond the "this is how we've always done things" mentality. This introduction to the program will explore current challenges and the legal issues they potentially raise:

  • The inherent risk of low unemployment
  • Whether precedent and "equal treatment" really matter
  • Mental health and empathy in the workplace
  • Key issues in diversity and inclusion

Intoxicating Substances, Impaired Behavior, and Drug Testing

Brian Goodman

Employers face high stakes when employees might be under the influence of intoxicating substances at work. New drugs are constantly being invented and widely circulated with little understanding of their effects and whether they will show up through routine drug testing. This presentation will help employers navigate the complexities involved in employee use of intoxicating substances including:

  • Deciphering which substances are "legal" for purposes of employment laws
  • Understanding the potential ADA, FMLA, and state law issues raised
  • Implementing a lawful drug testing policy

Employment Immigration: Hiring Foreign Nationals

Nicole Schram + Mai Chao Chang

As the great resignation unfolds, many employers are struggling to find talented candidates, particularly in specialized fields. Several work visas are available to U.S. employers who reach beyond borders to fill available positions. Navigating the ever-changing immigration regulations can be daunting (both pre- and post-hiring), but it is worth the effort when your foreign employee is a perfect match. In this presentation, we will cover:

  • Overview of the most common work visas: F-1 OPT, H-1B/H1B1, TN, L-1, J-1
  • Hiring: Best practices in recruitment, interviewing, and I-9 compliance
  • Employment: prevailing wage, employer duties upon changes to job or location, Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) expiration
  • Firing: employer duties after termination, employee visa grace periods

Back to Basics: Avoiding and Preventing Successful Claims for Harassment in the Workplace

Sarah Horner + Storm Larson

Harassment claims are among the most costly and difficult workplace challenges an employer can face. Fortunately, with the right planning and policies, employers can protect themselves and the well-being of their workplace while avoiding many claims altogether. In this presentation, we will cover:

  • The sources of laws and legal standards that employers, managers/supervisors, and employees must follow regarding workplace harassment
  • How to implement best practices and policies to avoid and defend against harassment claims
  • Important recent cases discussing harassment in the workplace, especially cases dealing with liability of owners/agents

Social Media Considerations for Public Sector Employers

Doug Witte + Rick Verstegen

Employees working in the public sector and citizens continue to use social media as platforms to discuss a variety of issues. Sometimes those social media posts are critical of their employer, critical of fellow employees, or touch on "hot button" issues. How should and can employers address such issues? This session will address some of the legal issues public sector employers need to consider including:

  • Protected Concerted Activity Rights of Employees
  • First Amendment Rights of Employees
  • First Amendment Rights of Citizens
  • Access to Personnel Records By Employees and the Public

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