New Guidance for Dealers on Vehicle Purchases by Minors

The latest issue of the WisDOT Plain Dealing bulletin came out this week. Among the various updates and notices, Dealers should note the new guidance on vehicle purchases by minors that is “[e]ffective immediately.” Click here to be directed to the WisDOT site for information on joining the WisDOT Dealer and Agent Section email list and to see archived issues of the Plain Dealing.

From the WisDOT Plain Dealing, May 2017; Vol. 28, Issue 2:

Consent to purchase

Effective immediately, when a minor purchases a vehicle, the following apply:

  • Consent to purchase signed by the parent or legal guardian is required under state law for the minor to have license plate registration.  Note that minors do not need parental/guardian consent when getting only a title, without license plate registration.
  • Consent to purchase is required even when an adult is also registering the vehicle as a co-owner or co-lessee.

The parent or legal guardian can sign on Section F of the MV11 Wisconsin Title and License Plate Application or on the MV2924 Consent to Purchase certification form available on the DMV website. The parent/guardian signature does not need to be notarized if a Wisconsin dealer or electronic processing agent witnesses the signing. All electronic title processing systems will give a warning message before allowing processing of license plate registration for a minor.

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