School Law Update

Federal Transgender Guidance Withdrawn Read More »
The United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics released Consumer Price Index (CPI) information this morning. Read More »
On November 22, a federal district court judge in Texas granted the emergency injunction to stop the new rule from taking effect. What does this mean for school districts? Read More »
The WERC’s website now includes the most recent CPI calculation. This confirms the .12% increase we published earlier in the week. Read More »
Boardman & Clark welcomes Eileen Brownlee to the firm, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the CPI for December 2015, and a reminder for districts on Education Options Notices. Read More »
The combination of budget cuts and Wisconsin’s recently-enacted “double-dipping” statute has put Wisconsin school districts in a difficult spot when trying to find qualified teachers for hard-to-fill positions. Read More »
The Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC) recently announced new election rules governing the recertification process for public sector unions. The new procedures are: Read More »
Common school districts and union high school districts are required to hold an annual meeting, and many districts are now preparing for this meeting. The annual meeting is an important meeting of the electors in these districts. Read More »