School Law Update

Federal Transgender Guidance Withdrawn Read More »
The United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics released Consumer Price Index (CPI) information this morning. Read More »
On November 22, a federal district court judge in Texas granted the emergency injunction to stop the new rule from taking effect. What does this mean for school districts? Read More »
The WERC’s website now includes the most recent CPI calculation. This confirms the .12% increase we published earlier in the week. Read More »
Boardman & Clark welcomes Eileen Brownlee to the firm, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the CPI for December 2015, and a reminder for districts on Education Options Notices. Read More »
The combination of budget cuts and Wisconsin’s recently-enacted “double-dipping” statute has put Wisconsin school districts in a difficult spot when trying to find qualified teachers for hard-to-fill positions. Read More »
The Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC) recently announced new election rules governing the recertification process for public sector unions. The new procedures are: Read More »