Labor & Employment Update

The August Labor and Employment Update brought to you by Boardman & Clark LLP. Read More »
Labor and Employment update from the Labor and Employment Practice Group at Boardman & Clark for July of 2015. Read More »
There are a variety of Agreements between Employers and Employees: commission plans, hiring agreements, no-competes, severances, settlement of discrimination complaints just to name a few. These Agreements create Enforceable Contracts – or not. Read More »
EEOC Issues Proposed Wellness Plan Regulations. Read More »
Sarbanes-Oxley Revisions: new rules expand protection to employees of subsidiaries of publicly-traded companies, prohibit the use of arbitration agreements in whistleblower matters, and clarify DOL administrative processes and time frames. Read More »
OFCCP Proposes To Bring Sex Discrimination Rules Into The 21st Century. Read More »
EEOC Will Take Gender Identity Claims As A Category Of Sex Discrimination. Read More »
The Dept. of Labor has given $10 million to 19 states to focus on misclassification or mispayment of exempt employees who should really be hourly and paid overtime. Read More »
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