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Let’s get the moral of the post first: Don’t copy and paste from other people’s websites or materials to use on your website or materials. Just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean its free to use. Read More »
Have you ever heard the song “Happy Birthday” performed by the wait staff at a restaurant? If so, you were likely a witness to copyright infringement. At least that’s what Warner/Chappel Music would maintain. Read More »
Many patent practitioners, inventors, and investors (especially in the software realm) since last year’s Supreme Court decision of Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Int’l have found the concept of patentable subject matter eligibility to be a bit… murky. Recently, the USPTO issued new guidelines to hopefully help clear things up a bit. Read More »
Google has a number of patent initiatives. One that I was not aware of until recently is the Google Patent Starter Program. This program provides a unique opportunity for a limited number of startup companies or developers. Read More »
Many businesses think about obtaining a federal trademark registration, but they aren’t sure what is involved. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has gotten better at speaking in English rather than legal-ese and has included timelines and explanations as to what is involved. Read More »
Superb Owl is again making the headlines. Stephen Colbert popularized the phrase last year as a way of covering Super Bowl XLVIII on his show “The Colbert Report” while avoiding action by the NFL, an organization known for its aggressive protection of its trademark rights. Read More »
“It is difficult to justify a balancing of equities where a registrant’s financial interest is weighed against human dignity.” Read More »
Congratulations! You’ve decided to file for IP protection for your patent or trademark. You’ve paid the filing fees, but for some reason you’ve started getting mailings asking for more money, and some look pretty official: Read More »
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