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Taylor Swift, the Magistrate Judge, and even the Plaintiff all came out ahead in recent litigation brought against Swift for copyright infringement. Read More »
Many businesses expect their intellectual property protection to extend beyond U.S. borders--but that protection can depend on a number of different laws. Recently, there has been buzz about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which includes a number of provisions that will impact the international intellectual property protection landscape. Read More »
Daily fantasy sports operators have been on the offensive recently, aggressively growing the popularity of their services. But they have also been defending their turf against potential regulation and a growing number of intellectual property lawsuits. So, what is the scoreboard ultimately showing for these companies? Read More »
"First inventor to file" and "first to invent" may not always be the same thing. So what is the difference, and how can it can affect inventors? Read More »
WARF won a major battle last week when a Wisconsin federal jury found that technology in Apple’s iPhones and iPads infringes a WARF computer processor patent. However, the war may not be over. Read More »
Last week, the Ninth Circuit decided that the sequence of poses that make up Bikram yoga is not copyrightable. Among other implications, this shows that each intellectual property protection has its boundaries, and creators need to be careful to know which sandbox they are playing in and act (and register) accordingly. Read More »
The entrepreneurial community knows college students and recent grads are a crucial source of innovation. However, these relatively fresh start-ups can often be at a disadvantage when vying for resources against more established early-stage companies. Luckily there are many great options geared towards them. Read More »
Johnsonville Sausage to punt and phase out "Backyard Grilled Brat" after trademark lawsuit. Read More »
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