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Many businesses think about obtaining a federal trademark registration, but they aren’t sure what is involved. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has gotten better at speaking in English rather than legal-ese and has included timelines and explanations as to what is involved. Read More »
Superb Owl is again making the headlines. Stephen Colbert popularized the phrase last year as a way of covering Super Bowl XLVIII on his show “The Colbert Report” while avoiding action by the NFL, an organization known for its aggressive protection of its trademark rights. Read More »
“It is difficult to justify a balancing of equities where a registrant’s financial interest is weighed against human dignity.” Read More »
Congratulations! You’ve decided to file for IP protection for your patent or trademark. You’ve paid the filing fees, but for some reason you’ve started getting mailings asking for more money, and some look pretty official: Read More »
On Independence Day (and throughout the year) people show their affection for the United States through symbolism. However, many people are not aware that the use and reproduction of the famous and important United States symbols are regulated by various laws. Read More »
Apple, Inc. announced that Apple Music will be available in 100 countries starting June 30. There will be no free-tier option, but there will be a three month free trial, after which a monthly charge will occur to use the streaming service. This sounds like news, but not big news. Streaming music services have been around. Read More »
The ® symbol is generally accepted worldwide to designate trademark registration, and there are many benefits to using the symbol with registered marks. Yet, some choose not to use the ® symbol. Why? Read More »
President Obama recently called on Congress to lift the U.S. embargo on Cuba. While many estimate that the embargo will likely continue for more than a year, anyone preparing to do business in Cuba should include Cuban trademark applications and registrations in its preparations. Read More »
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