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US Trademark Office expands initiative to remove “dead” trademarks and improve trademark register Read More »
One of the most famous trade secrets of all time is KFC’s secret recipe “blend of 11 herbs and spices” used on its Kentucky Fried Chicken. For years, people have tried to uncover or replicate this secret recipe without success. Read More »
The relevance of this invention to tonight’s debate is immediately understood once you see the commercial embodiments of the invention... Read More »
If I disclose my "secret sauce" to this investor, will he or she steal it? Read More »
In June, the FAA issued a set of rules for regulation of small unmanned aircraft systems (drones) and their operation/flight. Read More »
Are they Crocs? Or are they Koala Kids? Read More »
A debate has raged for years as to whether the infamous English rock band Led Zeppelin in its guitar intro to “Stairway to Heaven” infringed the copyright of the song “Taurus” by the American rock band Spirit. Read More »
This Act allows companies to file civil lawsuits for trade secrets theft under the federal Economic Espionage Act. Read More »