IP Insights

As we move into Super Bowl weekend and are likely to encounter one or two of these inventions, we reflect back nearly 125 years to February 2, 1892... Read More »
A 41-page cease-and-desist letter aimed at a Metallica tribute band ended with Metallica taking decisive action--but probably not the action many would expect. Read More »
On a cold winter day it’s interesting to learn that on January 14, 1918, T.J. La Cras of Toronto, Canada filed a patent application for an “Antislip Device for Crutch-Tips.” Read More »
Can a company obtain exclusive rights to zilch, nada, nothing? For years, two beverage giants have been trying to find out. Read More »
Due to the numerous changes in copyright law over the years since the song was written in November of 1934, "Santa Clause Is Comin' to Town" has taken quite the winding path “to town.” Read More »
Taylor Swift, the Magistrate Judge, and even the Plaintiff all came out ahead in recent litigation brought against Swift for copyright infringement. Read More »
Many businesses expect their intellectual property protection to extend beyond U.S. borders--but that protection can depend on a number of different laws. Recently, there has been buzz about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which includes a number of provisions that will impact the international intellectual property protection landscape. Read More »
Daily fantasy sports operators have been on the offensive recently, aggressively growing the popularity of their services. But they have also been defending their turf against potential regulation and a growing number of intellectual property lawsuits. So, what is the scoreboard ultimately showing for these companies? Read More »
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