Pre-divorce Guarantee of Loans Applies to Post-divorce Loans Based On Language in WBA Continuing Guaranty Form

John Knight

June 14, 2017

In a recent case before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, language in the WBA continuing guaranty (unlimited) form helped the Bank obtain a court victory against a guarantor.  In this case, Daniel, the guarantor, signed a WBA 151 Continuing Guaranty (Unlimited) in December, 2005, to guarantee the Bank's loans to Carol, who was married to…

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Key Takeaways from FDIC’s May 31st Community Banking Initiative - "Strategies for Successful De Novo Bank Applications"

Kirsten Spira

June 1, 2017

On May 31, Patrick Neuman and I attended the FDIC’s Community Banking Initiative in Chicago, at which the assembled group heard presentations on and discussed “Strategies for Successful De Novo Bank Applications.”  As we all know, there have been few de novo bank applications since the Great Recession.  Recognizing the value community banks provide to…

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Five Recommendations For Customer Online and Mobile Banking Agreements

Patrick Neuman

May 16, 2017

It’s no secret that bank customers are increasingly turning to online and mobile banking platforms for their day-to-day banking needs.  As these platforms continue to expand and new services come on line, banks should pay special attention to the agreements and terms and conditions governing the relationship between the bank and its customers.  Below are…

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UCC Filing Declared Invalid Because Debtor's Name On UCC Filing Not Exactly The Same As It Appears On Debtor's Driver's License

John Knight

April 20, 2017

Wisconsin enacted certain UCC Article 9 amendments in 2013, including the "only if" rule for designating an individual debtor's name on a UCC financing statement.  Under the "only if" rule, the UCC financing statement is sufficient only if the name of the debtor on the UCC financing statement is exactly the same as it appears…

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Calls and Text Messages to Customers: The Growing Concern of the TCPA

Lauren Capitini

March 23, 2017

Modern technology provides banks with a variety of tools to communicate with customers, including text messaging, social media, and autodialed calls.  Banks use these methods of communication, and rightfully so, to provide valuable information to customers.  This may include, for example, alerting customers to fraudulent activity, providing payment reminders, and marketing new products.  While it’s…

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